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7 Projects Awarded under “Call for Pilot Projects Proposal (3rd Phase)” are in progress.
Tree plantation activities are being carried out at regular intervals on ownership basis.
Waste Management Services are being provided to more than 200 Hospitals & more than 20 industries.
Analytical Services are being provided to more than 40 leading names in industrial sector.


National Cleaner Production Center Foundation (NCPC) aims to introduce and promote Cleaner Production (CP) techniques and processes for Pollution Prevention at source along with integrated waste management. It was established by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in 1999 with collaboration of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), EPA’s, Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC) and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MNPR). It is registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 by the Government of Pakistan and is certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).


Sustainable Consumption and Production

The organization is committed to the principles of Cleaner Production; through continuous application of integrated, preventive and proactive strategies.


Betterment of Environment

An elaborate mission that caters to the:
  • Community Development
  • Promote Cleaner Production Philosophy
  • Develop and Implement CP Technologies
  • Operate as a Capacity Building Centre
  • Establish Linkages with Multi-Sectors


Environmental Protection

Following objectives are set by organization to achieve its mission:
  • Promotion of Cleaner Production Technologies for Energy and Waste Minimization
  • Sustainable Pollution Prevention
  • Policy Support and Production of Cleaner Products
  • Capacity Building
  • Community Development and Social Activities


We have expertise in providing quality services in the following areas:

Environmental Services


We offer competitive Environmental services in Social Impact Assessments, Initial examination, Environmental and Social monitoring, Environmental Audits, HSEQ/Environmental Management System and Environmental Technology Consultancy.

Energy Services

Energy Audits at Industries

Our professionals to carry out the Energy Audit of any company during which the team inspects and analyses the energy flows for energy conservation in a building, processes or systems to reduce the amount of energy.

Analytical Services

Environmental Laboratory

The organization has two laboratories, one is Federal EPA Certified Environment Laboratory and the other is ISO 17025:2005 Certified Petroleum Testing Laboratory for providing wide range of environmental and petroleum testing services.

Waste Management Services

Waste Disposal

The waste disposal services includes Incineration, Bio remediation and Composting. Under carefully controlled conditions, it is a practical and cost effective method to remove any kind of combustible waste produced by organizations.

Capacity Building Services

Workshops and Trainings

We aim to build the capacity of the relevant people through Environmental Awareness workshops and Impact Assessment trainings. Seminars on Loss Prevention Audits and workshops on Energy Conservation and drinking water quality.

Cleaner Production Services

Waste Minimization

Developing Cleaner Operating Practices that include material handling, production scheduling, procedural measures, management and better optimization, by product separation, material changes /substitution, product specification.










The board of directors is the legal authority for NCPC. By providing effective governance and strategic leadership, board members ensure that the organization is able to effectively continue its efforts to provide Cleaner Production Techniques and processes for pollution prevention at source along with integrated waste management in our community.


Below is some information regarding the company

    Mr. M. Irshad Ramay (Coordinator)

    Mr. Khizar Hayat (Company Secretary)

    Mr. Kashif Ali Makhdoomi (Head of Accounts & Finance)

    Registration No/NTN /STN and PSTRN:

    CUIN - (SECP) : 0044636
    NTN - (FBR) : 2027099-2
    STN - (FBR) : 230020270913
    PSTRN/PNTN - (PRA) : P2027099-2

  • Auditors

  • Legal Advisor

    Jurists & Consultants (SHEIKH SAIF ULLAH WALEEM)
  • Observer Member

    UNEP - Resources Efficient and Cleaner Production net - (RECPnet)
  • Certified Non-Profit Organization

    Non-Profit Organization by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy - (PCP)


We believe in investing in the well-being of communities and broader societies are important to its success.
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Interested candidates can send their updated resume along with recent photograph for Jobs & Internships. Short listed candidates will be contacted as per requirement.


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Refinery Post Office Morgah, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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